Monster Wrangler

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    235 Pages

    Full Color Hardcover

    2+ Players

    Adventure with
    your Monsters!

    Ages 14+


Monster Wrangler is a tabletop roleplaying game focusing on human monster trainers, known as Wranglers, and their pet monsters, which they tame, raise, and command in battles against other monsters. Wranglers are accompanied on their adventures by anywhere from one to three loyal monsters, which range from sleek hunting beasts to strange, mobile plants to deadly mechanical constructs that were built for war.

Monster Wrangler utilizes a dice pool system to resolve conflicts. The character making the roll adds their ranks in the appropriate Attribute and Skill and rolls that many ten-sided dice. For each result of "10" the die "explodes" and an additional die is immediately rolled and added to the character's dice pool. Each die that equals or exceeds the Success Value of the roll - typically a 7 - counts as a Success. If the character achieves a number of Successes equal to the Difficulty of whatever she is trying to accomplish, she succeeds!

Additionally, any "extra" successes the character achieves can be spent on Raises to gain additional effects, such as increasing the damage dealt by an attack, crafting additional items, or increasing the amount of health a character heals.

Lockwood's Asylum

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    2 - 5 Players

    Alternate Solo Mode

    45 - 90 minutes

    Playing Time

    Ages 14+


Lockwood's Asylum is a competitive survival horror deck-building game.

Unlike most deck-building games, Lockwood's Asylum allows players to build not only their own decks, but also the decks of their opponents. Each time a player purchases a Monster or Horror card, that card goes into the play area - or "Room" - of the player to their left.

Any Ally cards that a player purchases go into their own Room, where they help defend against the Monsters and Horrors that have been placed there by the others players.

At the end of the turn, the Allies, Monsters, and Horrors in the player's Room battle it out! If the Monsters are able to overwhelm the player's Allies, then any excess damage lowers the player's Health. When a player is reduced to 0 Health, they are eliminated from the game. The last player left standing survives the night and claims victory!


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    134 Pages

    Full Color PDF

    Ages 14+


Madhouse is a survival horror roleplaying game set within the Lakeshore Asylum.

In this roleplaying game, the players take on the roles of patients who have been sent to the asylum to recover from their mental disorders, only to learn that survival might take precedence over recovery.

Madhouse uses a D10-based "roll and keep" system that provides tactical options while keeping gameplay quick and intuitive. The Insanity mechanic features a "press your luck" mechanic that allows players to "push" to gain bonuses to their dice rolls. Each Push also increases a player's Insanity, however, and if a player accumulates too much Insanity, they might find themselves acting irrationally in situations that call for cool heads and critical thinking.